Work: Concept Development, Generative Research
Client: Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max Planck Institute of Art History (BHMPI), RARA

Date: 2021

Shared Experiences - Live Annotating feature for an outreach digital repository exhibition.

The preservation of books becomes a collective effort. This imposition and care toward the library artefacts contributes in making visitors part of this collective heritage. A digital exploration of the library unlike the physical one could let visitors to leave traces without damaging or altering valuable files.  


We began the research process by exploring the realm of Library 3.0. Stake holder interviews, a focus group on interviewing those outside of academia followed by an in depth open ended interview. A market study of existing digital libraries to determine gaps and analyse trends. Our exploratory questions included:

  • How to address the overload of information to allow the library's architecture to emerge?
  • How to facilitate the cohabitation of the digital and the analogue? 

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